Due to Corona we unfortunately can't ship orders outside of the Netherlands.
Orders placed before june 15th will be sent after this date.
This date (june 15th) could be moved forward due to measures taken by the government.
For an additional fee it is possible to ship from the Netherlands. 
For more information, please contact us.

Stay healthy and take care!
Team J'adore Jewelry


At J'adore Jewelry you will find a large collection of affordable beads, charms and supplies to make the most beautiful jewelry yourself!

At the end of 2013, J'adore Jewelry arises from an Instagram account where own bead creations were placed. One thing led to another,
  the bead shop J'adore Jewelry was born! Because J'adore Jewelry originated from a hobby, it is also the ambition to keep it a hobby.
We have therefore chosen the following method:

There is no minimum order amount
The shipping costs are calculated by weight
You can order and pay safely
Shipping on a weekend day (Sat-Sun)

Be your own kind of beautiful


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